Dr. Holub and his research team have been absolutely fantastic during the course of my research trial participation. The level of attention and care that I received during my visits went far beyond what we expected. Dr. Holub’s attention and care is unprecedented and he is always working very hard to get the patient to where he or she needs to be with his or her health. Dr. Holub is very personable and always thinking about the patient first and takes the time to answer any questions that we may have. There has not been a single time where we felt rushed or uneasy in Dr. Holub’s office

In addition to Dr. Holub, we love the staff here. The staff is profoundly caring and has treated me very personably during my visits and even outside of them – they are always available to talk outside of our appointments and answer questions we have.

Overall, I would rate my experience in a research trial with Dr. Holub as a 10/10; there are only positive things to say about Dr. Holub and his research team. John & Cindy P.