Clinical Trial Participation

  • In actuality, Alzheimer’s disease is a broad unrecognized community issue.
  • More than 5.4 million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and on average it requires two caregivers per affected individual. That translates to — number of AD patients in our congressional district involving twice that number of caregivers.
  • This is therefore a significant community issue. It does not relate to the interests of one pharmaceutical company or one organization. It becomes a community health issue.

How Can I Enroll in a Clinical Trial?
*Call for a private memory pre-screen appointment
*Speak with a Research Coordinator about medical history and begin medical record review
*Discuss open research studies for which you may qualify based on medical history
*Complete the informed consent process for a study
*Make an appointment for a screening visit with Dr. Holub
*All visits and contact with the Research Office is at no cost to the patient

Why are Clinical Trials So Important To Patients & Their Families?

*Every medication currently approved for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease has been made possible by patient participation in clinical trials


Clinical Trial Participation Challenges

*AD patients & families are often resigned to the diagnosis unlike cancer patients who often take on a combative attitude to flight to beat it!

*Patients and families are not always aware that clinical trials are an option similar to cancer patients but talks, community outreach and other education programs like this one will help get the message out.

You don’t have to go through this alone

The Team at Alzheimer’s Research Center

will take you by the hand

every step of the way


Why are Volunteers Seeking Research Study Participation?

  • OPPORTUNITY to receive access to investigative medications that are only available in clinical studies
  • Comprehensive CARE from physicians with specific expertise in Alzheimer’s Disease research
  • CONTRIBUTE to medical research: clinical studies help unlock new answers about Alzheimer’s disease and are an essential part of finding new treatments
  • Help find a cure for family, friends and those suffering from the epidemic

Caregivers & Clinical Trial Study Partners  Are Needed

*In many instances a patient interested in participating in a clinic trial may be excluded due to not having a caregiver or family member that can assist them through the duration of the trial.  We are always seeking volunteers or caregivers interested in being a study partner.

*Please spread the word, as such volunteers and caregivers are very important to help find a cure!