Patient Education Series: Lifestyle Choices and Behaviors that Dr. Holub Recommends for Better Brain Health

An important focus of Alzheimer\'s Research and Treatment Center at Neurological Associates of Albany (NAA) is to provide professional, practical, and convenient tips for increasing brain health and wellness for patients of the NAA Medical Clinic and/or Research Institute. Today is the fourth part of an eight-part series of practical health tips entitled, “Lifestyle Choices and Behaviors Recommended by Dr. Holub for Better Brain Health.” Each part of this important education series is written by Dr. Richard F. Holub, M.D., who has been a pioneer in the field of memory disorders and Alzheimer’s disease for over 30 years.

Part 4 of 8: The Importance of Socializing
“It is important to remain socially active and engaged wherever and whenever one can in a setting that enjoyable. If you see a movie, read a book, magazine, or newspaper, or hear a song that you like, talk about it afterwards! Interacting with family members, friends, colleagues, clubs, committees, and community groups all provide mental stimulation as well as a lingering sense of well-being after the conversation that may last for weeks. ”
-Dr. Richard Holub, M.D.

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Stay tuned for our next post in the series, which will explore the importance of diet in memory.